This Summer, Enjoy Warrenton’s Saltwater Pool

We’ve all experienced the burning eyes, dry skin and green hair associated with one of summer’s core staples: the swimming pool. While swimming is a deeply revered summer tradition, those annoying side effects associated with chlorine pools shouldn’t cramp your style the way they did when you were a kid. Now you can enjoy a day poolside with an added element of luxury at The Spa at Poplar Springs in Warrenton.

Our spa boasts a beautiful, earth-friendly saltwater pool, perfect for a cool dip after one of our rejuvenating spa treatments. Its water is not only gentler on the skin, hair and eyes, but is safer and healthier than pools that only clean with abrasive chlorine. The addition of salt to our water is equivalent to the amount found in human tears, and creates the feel of rainwater by making the water smooth and silky.

In addition to simply feeling good, saltwater has been shown to promote healing from the inside out. Swimming in saltwater can improve circulation, soothe irritated skin, reduce inflammation of joints and muscles and even increase immune system function. Stress is the main contributor to these maladies, so finding ways to ease stress is just common sense!

If you need more than just a dip in the pool to revive your body and mind, schedule a relaxing spa treatment with us or indulge in one of our spa summer packages. Signature treatments include traditional massage, replenishing body scrubs that use natural ingredients to cleanse and exfoliate, hydrating facials and more.

Make this summer about pleasure, relaxation and health. That’s what the warm weather is for!

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