The Person Behind The Delectable Pastry Creations

Tantalizing Our Guests’ Tastebuds

Maggie Yabs Suge heads up the pastry team at Poplar Springs Inn & Spa Manor House Restaurant355 and is responsible for all the pastries and desserts our guests enjoy daily. Not only are her creations delectable, she is an amazingly “sweet” treat herself, always gracious and full of smiles for all our guests to behold.

With an expertise in chocolate, sugar works, baking, pastry and cake decorating, Maggie offers guests over 17 years of experience. It is no wonder she is able to create scrumptious options that change with each season and event.

When asked how she became interested in this career Maggie simply said, “I began my career as a small girl – watching my mother cook and bake.” She also noted that her father worked for a British tea owned plantation company and the owners of the company would visit her family twice a year. “Our family would host them and my mother would cook and bake for their visit. I would watch very closely as she designed a three course meal for our guests and obviously, I would also enjoy the meal.”

“My mother is my biggest inspiration! She was patient to teach me every step along the way,” Maggie described. After high school, Maggie enrolled in a culinary and baking school and also obtained a B.S. in Hospitality & Hotel Management.

Maggie has enjoyed a successful culinary journey. She explained one the keys to her success, “Pastry357 Chefs are always learning new techniques. This enables us to create unique, delicious options for all.” During the conversation, Maggie shared insights for those who have a passion for baking, “For anyone who wants to perfect their skills, I recommend developing a solid baking style in addition to perfecting his/her individual pastry skills. Good communication, people and management skills are an added plus to perfect your talent and overall career path.”

In any profession, individuals will have challenges and specific projects that make them very proud. Maggie was asked what her greatest accomplishment was, she answered “The piping cake design. Since there are varieties of piping, a great deal of practice goes into their creation.” She also disclosed the hardest creation she baked, “Souffle! Ensuring the ramekins are buttered and sugared just right is definitely a challenge”. However, Maggie is quick to point out that “the biggest challenge is making sure the final product doesn’t collapse when it is removed from the oven.”

Everyone has a favorite sweet they like to dine on, so we decided to find out what Maggie’s favorite dessert is. She described in delicious detail, “My favorite is a moist carrot cake with cream cheese frosting.”

When she is not baking or enjoying her favorite treats, Maggie enjoys singing, gardening and time with her family. She joined the team at Poplar Springs in 2014 and enjoys taking ownership of the pastry department. “Creating menus that clients will enjoy is extremely important to me,” said Maggie.

She mentioned her success is due in part to her mother, her education and also her personal characteristics. She is patient, creative and always positive. Her biggest tip is “learn from the best and always smile.”

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