Planning Your Event–Meet Ellen Christie

Meet the person behind the scenes who assists in creating the perfect venue…

In the hospitality industry, there is always a need for a contact within a business establishment who Ellen 1can assist potential guests with scheduling, planning and enacting an event. From simple business meetings, baby showers, surprise parties to major events such as a wedding all require a great deal of planning and expertise to successfully execute.

At Poplar Springs, Ellen Christie is THE person to connect with. Christie is the Director of Sales & Marketing and has been with Poplar Springs Inn & Spa since it re-opened under new ownership in June of 2014.  Since 1986, Ellen has worked in the the hospitality industry and says, “I feel I have been very fortunate to work for some very unique venues/companies during my career – from The CN Tower & Casa Loma (Toronto) to Morton’s The Steakhouse and now Poplar Springs.” Ellen is a graduate of the University of Guelph with a Bachelor of Commerce, specializing in Hotel & Food Management. Her love of travel has taken her her to some amazing locations throughout the world such as Montreal, Galway, Dublin and Toronto. Her professionalism and knowledge is a true asset to customers seeking assistance planning their events.

If you or someone you know is considering a career in the hospitality industry, Christie suggests that “…individuals should try everything. See what you like, obtain the experience in various departments so you have exposure to all facets of the industry and become well-rounded.” Learning from those with a wealth of knowledge and applying what is learned is also another benefit of rotating through different positions.

What is Ellen’s  favorite thing about this industry? “No two days are the same. I love how every day there is something new to work on. I thoroughly enjoy helping guests achieve their vision(s) of a wonderful event and creating memories for a lifetime,” explains Christie.

Details and customer service is extremely important. Christie echoes this priority, “Getting back to customers in a timely manner and providing them all the detailed information they require, along with extra ideas is my top priority.”

When planning an event, overnight stay or spa day with Poplar Springs, Ellen Christie provides some advice, “Treat yourself and stay an extra few days! Relax and dine on Friday in the Casanova Lounge (sitting by the fire is a nice treat in the winter); take a trip into Old Town Warrenton to enjoy the unique shops and enjoy our delicious creations in The Manor House Restaurant.” She also notes, “We care about each and every guest. Planning any type of event can be stressful and my responsibility is to make the guest comfortable right from the start – I will take care of every detail.”

The Manor House Restaurant, here on site, offers such delectable cuisine. When asked what her favorite dish is she states, “That’s a challenge as all of our dishes are amazing…but if I had to pick one, it would be the Roseda Farms Dry Aged Filet Mignon – it’s always cooked to perfection!”

In this profession, many details go into creating a spectacular, memorable event from the initial planning stage through to the execution. How is the success of an event measured? “The people, seeing their happiness, hearing their positive comments about experiencing all our services and hearing they will visit again, is what makes my position rewarding and it is the perfect way to measure the success of an event,” Christie explains.

For more information on planning your events, contact Ellen via email or by phone 540-788-4600.

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