Cakes by Maggie


By Maggie

Maggie Yabs Suge, Executive Pastry Chef

Born and raised in Nairobi, Kenya, Chef Maggie moved to the United States in September 2001 to further her education and work experience. Here she built upon the foundation of her craft and learned the importance of perseverance in the pastry kitchen.

Her culinary education includes a Bachelor of Science degree in hospitality management from Maseno University in Kenya. She also earned a diploma through a Swiss government-sponsored program in food production from Kenya Utalii College. After graduation, she joined the Grand Regency Hotel in Nairobi as senior chef, and later the InterContinental Hotel Nairobi.

In the U.S., Chef Maggie spent 13 years as the assistant pastry chef at the Inn at Little Washington. During her time in Little Washington, Chef Maggie worked under the guidance of the Inn’s owner, chef and proprietor, Patrick O’Connell. It was at this five-star outpost that her dual talents of imagination and precision really blossomed.

Now, Chef Maggie brings her culinary experience, skill and imagination to our pastry kitchen. We are honored to have her talents!