The Vineyards at

Poplar Springs

Established May 27, 2017

A picturesque view

Renowned vintner and local winemaker, Chris Pearmund of Pearmund Cellars, partnered with Poplar Springs ownership and management to plant vineyards on the 172 acre property. The first installation of nearly 1000 Traminette vines took place on Saturday, May 27, 2017.

Traminette was developed at Cornell University and is a relatively new grape to the world of winemaking. Poplar Springs is now the only destination in the greater DC Metropolitan area that has an Inn, Spa, Events venue, upscale restaurant and a vineyard. And soon a tasting room!

“Celtic tradition has a phrase for places like Poplar Springs…they are called ‘Thin Places’. In simple terms, a ‘Thin Place’ describes a spot where the veil separating heaven and earth is like a porous net. We felt that way about Poplars Springs before we became the caretakers of this glorious place and now we are moving forward with another chapter.”

Mike Eisele, Principal and Managing Partner